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Promethan: The Created discussion community's Journal
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Monday, December 14th, 2009
9:53 pm
One-Shot: Family Reunion
newbis, hot493 and hellgirl5 played their characters from this one shot (that'd be Felix, Gina and Mariah), while docelboze played a Tammuz named Joshua Stone and Cory (he of no LJ) played Steve Barnes, a Frankenstein who'd worked as a mercenary in Africa after being created in Chicago. anaka played Miriam Sachs, just a normal human...but with some relevant history.

The Promethean characters met up north of Memphis. Joshua had instructions from his creator, a Tammuz named Josiah Stone, to go and visit this fellow named Zaib Al-Ahmed on May 3, 2006. It was important. He was also supposed to bring along any other Prometheans he could find. So the group of them headed out to this place in Memphis, Felix a little nervous about the whole thing (Cuprum, you see).

On the way into the house, they saw Pilgrim Marks indicating that something important was about to happen at this house. They met Zaib and his assistant, Miriam. Zaib, upon hearing Josiah's name from Joshua, took the characters into his study and played them a recording that Josiah had made. It told them that a Centimanus named Charles Bowde (you can find him in Pandora's Book) was going to visit and kill Miriam, to turn her into a Promethean, and he wanted them to stop him. There was some history there, but he didn't get into it in the recording. Zaib also showed them a letter that Stone had written to his throng, talking about the Tree of Life and qlippothim as those concepts related to Prometheans (which you can also find in Pandora's Book.

The characters looked around the place. Steve found a fresh grave in the woods, and some weird tracks that didn't look quite human or animal. Miriam went to the store to buy ice, and Felix and Gina tailed her (and talked about bugging out, but then realized they hadn't brought Mariah along). Mariah talked with Miriam for a while, before she left, and definitely was working on figuring out human interaction. Didn't quite have it...

Joshua talked with Zaib, who revealed that he'd attempted to create a Golem once, but it hadn't gone well. He'd tried that, not to make a slave, but out of piety and love for the whole of Creation. Zaib, by the way, was blind and confined to a wheelchair, and when his glasses came off there were chemical burn scars around his eyes. He mentioned that Josiah (Joshua's creator) and Miriam's mother (also blind) had been good friends, which was the reason why Josiah had arranged to protect Miriam, even if he couldn't make it back.

Why did Miriam go and buy ice? Today was her 21st birthday, it seems, and there was a party coming. The characters weren't thrilled initially, but they did realize that this would stave off Pandorans, should Bowde bring any. The party started and they hung around trying to avoid engendering Disquiet, except Mariah who was having a grand old time talking with people. She asked about Zaib's eyes, and learned it was an accident involving a bottle of cleaner, which didn't sit right with the characters (they never did learn the truth, though).

Miriam, walking through the house, smelled smoke, and found a man out the side door, smoking a cigarette. He put it out, and revealed that he'd known Miriam's mother...and father. He asked her to take a walk, and she was initially hesitant, but then he gazed into her eyes...and well, that did it.

He told her that her father was, perhaps, selfish, and that was why he'd run out on her mother. She had never known him. They got to the edge of the woods and saw the grave, and some hideous dog-things crawled out. And then Bowde opened his sleeve and half his left arm folded out into a tentacle, and grabbed her...but not before she screamed. "Now," he said, "you'll be my daughter again."

The characters came running and fought the Pandorans and Charlie, and freed Miriam. Charlie did some damage to them, between his acidic touch and his tentacle (and his acid-spitting Pandorans), but in the edge, he took one too many bullets in the face and they dumped him into his own grave, and then got the hell out before the police showed up to investigate gunshots, Mariah, Felix and Gina going on their way together again.

Down in the Underworld, Charlie Bowde sits on the edge of the River, stewing, swearing revenge. A tap on his shoulder.

"Been waiting for you, you son of a bitch," says Josiah Stone.
Tuesday, August 4th, 2009
11:02 am
One-Shot: Burning Bright
Now, on the off chance you're playing in the 3PM "Play with a Developer" slot on Friday, 8/14 at GenCon, don't read this, because this is the game I'm running there.

I remember...pants.Collapse )
Thursday, March 5th, 2009
4:22 pm
Complete Created
White Wolf and DriveThruRPG are now offering "The Complete Created," the complete set of Promethean PDFs.

Retail price: $149.94. Bundle price: $59.99. So you save 60%.

The bundle includes:
- Promethean: The Created
- Pandora's Book
- Strange Alchemies
- Magnum Opus
- Saturnine Night
- To the Flame SAS.

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Monday, March 10th, 2008
4:45 pm
Seen on the back of a truck in Cleveland

I can't be sure it was a Promethean driving that truck, but I've got a strong hunch.
Wednesday, December 12th, 2007
5:43 pm
Soy Histamine: part 2
Marie was beginning to feel uneasy about the state of the apartment she had seen earlier. A queasy feeling was building up within her and she felt compelled to return to the building and explore further. Marie, Luke and River arrived at one of their makeshift lairs, an abandoned railway car, to explain what had happened that evening to the final member of their throng, Joe, an Ulgan following the Stannum refinementCollapse )
They proceeded to return to the apartment building, where Frannie had been left alone.

Meanwhile, Frannie was lucky enough to intercept one of their targets, Bartholomew, as he left his apartment and proceeded to lithely question him. He seemed to instantly detect her inhuman nature and, having also discovered that there were dead bodies within his apartment building, was about to call the police when Frannie suggested finding one of her throng members who could speak to the dead.

Elsewhere, Oscar and Jack had began to travel back to the scientist to give him the piece of meteorite they had recovered from the museum. Coincidentally, the paths of all of the throng members converged again upon the brownstone apartment.

The prometheans discovered that Bartholomew was not entirely human, but was not like any of them either. He called himself an elemental, which meant nothing to them. He offered to give them the ring they wanted if each of them gave him something in return, he didn't care what but acted offended when offered money. Luke refused to give him anything, and so a debate ensued as to whether these items should all be retrieved.

Bartholomew spoke of the dead bodies (that he could sense) on the first floor of his brownstone. The throng then decided to inspect the apartments of the cultists, finding the original occupants all to have been killed in multiple manners of gruesome and vicious endings. Only one occupant was still alive, she was wearing the necklace that the throng sought, which Jack quickly took from her languishing body. As Oscar tried to apply first aid to her gouged flesh, she gasped out "he killed... my cabal... his name... is Toy... Calvin Toy." and then she died.

Sensing that the list of items might now require a sense of urgency to recover, the throng chose to go after the first item on their list: a flower they knew to be growing out of a corpse. As the throng proceeded to the house where the flower was growing, Frannie decided to stay behind with Bartholomew.

A raucous party was occuring in the house when they arrived and motorcycles were parked along the lawn and sides of the house. Most of the throng snuck around to the back of the house, while Oscar and Joe kept watch at the front of the house. Joe attempted to sabotage one of the bikes propped up on the lawn of the house, only to be discovered by the partyers inside. A large brawl began to ensue, which ensured the success of the prometheans sneaking into the basement. Jack made it into the basement first and found the flower. With Luke and River directly behind him, he plucked the flower out of the corpse and ran for the exit only to find his way blocked by a tall, luxiarantly-dressed woman. He pushed her aside and felt his strength leeched away, but continued to run.

While Joe and Oscar fought mercilessly, the woman began to interrogate those left behind at her home. She didn't seem bothered by the loss of the flower and seemed only mildly annoyed by the assault on her person by Jack. She offered a truce to the throng members in her home and revealed herself to be a vampire. She asked only for a few pints of their blood, which River excitedly volunteered. After reaching an accord, the throng left. Only in exiting the house did those inside see the violence that Joe had unleashed upon the bikers. Two of them lay dead, their necks broken, while four others were fleeing battered and bloodied.

The throng collected themselves together on the street corner, then reviewed the items they had collected so far. The meteorite seemed to create a buzzing, almost intoxicating, sensation in whomever held it. The necklace held a symbol of illumination and enlightenment, though nothing obvious was revealed to whoever wore it. The flower had its own personal aura, giving fortitude to whoever held it. The only items left were Bartholomew's ring and the corpse of a pandoran.

The throng then began to debate their next course of action...
Sunday, December 2nd, 2007
7:15 pm
changelings vs prometheans
Do you think its possible that a changeling could receive Glamour from a promethean?
Could a changeling get Glamour from a promethean's emotions, even though they aren't human, or they might be "faked" emotions?

Also, I don't remember reading this in any of the promethean books, but do prometheans dream?

These are probably questions that have no answers, or are left open deliberately so individual GMs can come up with their own answers, but I'd like to know your thoughts/ideas on the subject.

x-posted to wod_changeling
Thursday, November 29th, 2007
12:48 am
Soy Histamine: my Promethean three-shot
Originally planned as a one-shot, its going to be longer because my players are good at role-playing and get into their characters really well - but that also means it takes longer to play, and I predict it will last three sessions total. Here goes...

I wrote mini-backgrounds for a number of pre-generated characters. My players chose a background and I then wrote the character up. So the players did not know what their stats would be before they started playing. They did not even know what Lineages or Refinements the backgrounds were, all they had to go on was the descriptive text and the quotes.

The backgrounds...Collapse )

I borrowed heavily from the adventure presented in the core rulebook, but I changed the scavenger hunt into a more literal shopping list of items.

The game is set in the Milwaukee of early October, 1948

The Prometheans are all a part of the same throng, with no fixed lair or permanent home, but have been living in Milwaukee for the last several months (unless their background stated otherwise). They were spread around town doing different things when they all felt the call of a very powerful Azoth. Frannie was busy trying various pies at a local diner, attempting to discover if they really tasted any different; River has only been alive for a little over a week, so she was still busy investigating her origins; Jack was talking with a priest, and being very confused about who this Christ person - "how can a man be both dead and alive? perhaps he was another Promethean?"; Marie and Oscar were busy discussing the properties of a soul at a local park, and debating about whether or not birds have souls; only Luke resisted an immediate urge to investigate as his job as a part-time gas attendant was keeping him busy in the role of a mortal.

The Prometheans soon made their way into the southern end of downtown Milwaukee and to an abandoned warehouse next to a prominent brewery, where the source of this new Azothic Radiance was emanating from. After examining the outside of the structure and realizing that their strongest member, Luke, was still not present, Jack took it upon himself to sneak into the warehouse and survey who this Radiance was coming from.
Jack easily made his way in and found a man working feverishly on some sort of alchemical elixir. Though the man had no Azoth, instead the Radiance was coming from an amulet on one of the tables the man was working at. Taking this news to the rest of his throng, they proceeded inside to question the man while Jack remained in the shadows.

The man, Dr. Colin Clive, was overjoyed at their appearance. Though he seemed very nervous and excited at the same time, he spoke quickly and eagerly about trying to help them. Dr. Clive had met another Promethean ten years ago and was not able to help her before she left him, so he dedicated his life to finding an elixir that would allow a Promethean to become mortal. His searches were fruitless and he had to take jobs to support himself, he had been part of a research group studying new radioactive elements and the head of the research project had, in fact, discovered a new element that Dr. Clive believed was the key to an instantaneous Promethean transformation. The element was highly radioactive however, and Dr. Clive had been exposed to it for too long. He only had a month to live, so it was vital that he get assistance from them to complete his elixir.
The throng bristled with anticipation at the probability of becoming human. Luke, having arrived while Dr. Clive was explaining his history with Prometheans, voiced concerns amongst his throng about why this man might really be doing this. Jack was knowledgeable about Azoth and the milestones of personal experience required to complete a pilgrimage, and was skeptical that an elixir might not do more harm than good if it worked. Frannie sensed Dr. Clive was earnest and proceeded to question him about what kind of help he may need.

He presented a list of items to the throng. Each had its own unique challenge to acquire, and each was in a separate location.
- the first item was a plant, growing in the basement of a house in northern Milwaukee, the house belonged to an eclectic gardener who also happened to be married to the head of a very violent local biker gang, members of the gang were always present at the house and Dr. Clive admitted that the people there may have committed murder
- the second item was a sulfuric meteorite housed at the local Geology Museum, held in a case on the second floor, the only challenge would be getting in and out without anybody noticing
- the third item was a necklace, it was rumored to have magical properties and the owner was a woman who was part of a local cult living on the first floor of a brownstone apartment building downtown, Dr. Clive didn't go so far as to call them Satanists, but he suggested as much
- the fourth item was ironically in the same building as the magical necklace, a Celtic ring with supposedly transformative properties for the wearer, it was worn by Bartholomew Berkowitz a night-time taxi driver and drunk
- the fifth item was simple, the corpse of a Pandoran, Dr. Clive gave details of a farm several miles northwest of town where a Promethean had unsuccessfully tried to create another of his kind last year; River became particularly interested in checking out this farm as it may have been the same Promethean who successfully created him

Luke expressed grave concerns about completing the list in a timely manner. Referring to stealing the meteorite, he protested "Does it make sense that we show act inhuman in order to become human?" Several members of the throng were nonplussed. "I've seen humans steal. It doesn't sound inhuman to me."
The throng investigated the brownstone, and though they smelled smoke and saw scorch marks on the walls inside of the first floor apartments, nobody trespassed into the homes of any of the cult members. Frannie decided to wait outside and watch for Bartholomew Berkowitz, Jack and Oscar both travelled to the Geology Museum and the rest of the throng retired for the evening to rest.

At the Museum, Oscar planned on waiting until the Museum opened in the morning, but Jack couldn't wait. He snuck inside and found the meteorite in its case. Breaking the glass and snatching the rock, Jack was suddenly tackled to the ground by a gigantic ferocious beast. Hairy and snarling it bit into him, only to howl in agony and draw back at the taste of Jack's blood.
Soon a showdown was taking place between Jack and Oscar and two werewolves, one huge and brown and the other blackish and scarred, who both seemed to be just as interested in the meteorite as they were. The smaller werewolf managed to grab the rock away from Jack's grasp and flee, but Oscar stayed hot on his trail. As Jack was being ripped apart by the bigger of the two, he did manage to reach a dialogue with the blackish, scarred werewolf. They stood outside of the Museum, panting and bleeding, while Oscar explained why they needed the meteorite.
The werewolves contained their bestial fury and returned to their human forms. They introduced themselves as Tony (the scarred werewolf) and Gordon (the giant werewolf), and proceeded to explain that their tribal totem instructed them that they would need this rock in order to fashion a leash for an unruly spirit they had not been able to harm.
Oscar suggested breaking the meteor in half so that they might both have a piece, and Tony did so, suggesting that if their elixir didn't work, they should find him for the other piece of the rock at a bar in southern Milwaukee - Whistler's Pub - both Tony and Gordon intimated that their biker gang hung out there.

The night seemed to pass uneventfully for the rest of the throng, except for Marie, who was tormented by an uneasy feeling that she had somehow forgotten to do something...
Thursday, September 20th, 2007
6:03 am
designing a one-shot [advice needed]
Actually, it will be more of a three-shot.
Gaming group: Our gaming group switches GMs in a round robin kind of style. As soon as one game ends, everyone pitches ideas and we vote on whose game gets played next. Each game usually lasts for a few weeks... anyways, I suggested a game of Promethean and everyone bit. Now I have two weeks to prepare.
Premise of adventure: The characters are going to be 'hired' by a wizard who is interested in studying them and offers to use whatever knowledge he acquires to assist their search for souls. I borrowed the initial opening of the first Promethean adventure, which I feel kind of lame for doing. In truth, he is going to use whatever knowledge he gathers to create his own promethean monster, which is actually going to kill him in a dramatic and gory fashion - but leading up to that violent finale the adventure has to be riddled with some set pieces for the players to work their way through. Preferably about 5 chapters.
I've got an idea that the characters will have to acquire (steal) a few artifacts either through stealth, diplomacy or force - but I haven't worked out the details of exactly what those items will be or who will have them. And frankly I'm at a loss for some ambiguously appropriate items. The PCs are being fooled into believing they will attain new souls, so the items need to seem like life-giving or restorative items - magical and otherwise.
I also want the finale to involve the characters deliberating using their own promethean energies to create a storm - how to justify it is easy (the storm will supposedly transmute them but will actually give the wizard's monster sentience) but how to create it is the main problem. I was going to just use some of the ideas for creating a firestorm, but one of my players has all of the Promethean books so I want to deviate from what is written in those sourcebooks.
So all I'm really lacking are finite details. Ideas? Suggestions? Comments?
A few other details: Some hints will be available for the players that the wizard is not working towards their best interests. His name will be given as Dr. Colin Clive - a reference to the Hollywood version of Doctor Frankenstein. Several books that will be 'readable' by the characters in his lab are "The Road to Xanadu" (an analysis of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's works), "Bioelectromagnetism" (a 1995 textbook), and "My Family and Other Animals" by Gerald Durrell
Yeah, I know my hints are hard to discern. ;)
Thursday, September 6th, 2007
4:06 pm
 Has anyone drawn up any Promethean icons?

My current icon is from M:tA and, while I love that game, I really do want a Promethean icon. Preferably something Wretched or Nepri. 
Friday, August 10th, 2007
10:33 am
Happy anniversary
Today's the first anniversary of Promethean: The Created.

So, what've you been doing with the setting?

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Tuesday, June 12th, 2007
11:00 am
Get a complete set!
Having a cash crises presently, to the point of wondering if I'm really going to be able to make GenCon or, indeed, buy food this week (I mean, I'll be able to buy food, but even that's putting a strain on the purse). Numerous things contribute, but the long & short is, I'm reminding everybody about my Massive Freaking Book Sale.

I've added new World of Darkness books to the list, too, just in case you want to, like, have them autographed or something, I dunno. In any event, if any of the books on that list want to be in your hands, email me and let me know what you'd like to pay for them. I'll take checks/money orders, but I'd really prefer PayPal because I need the money now-ish.

The NWoD books I currently have for sale are:

Coteries (Vampire)
Bloodlines: The Legendary (Vampire)
Requiem Chronicler's Guide (Vampire)
World of Darkness: Ghost Stories
Reign of the Exarchs x2 (Mage)
Intruders: Encounters with the Abyss x2 (Mage)
Tome of the Mysteries (Mage)
Hunting Ground: The Rockies (Werewolf)
Magnum Opus (Promethean)
Saturnine Night x2 (Promethean)
Pandora's Book (Promethean)
Strange Alchemies (Promethean)

You'll note that I have all the Promethean sourcebooks. I could potentially sell a core book, too, since I have an extra, if you wanted to get the whole kit-n-kaboodle.

X-posted all over the damn place.
Tuesday, March 13th, 2007
7:31 am
LunaCon - Rye, New York - March 16-18, 2007
For those of you interested in LARP, Game Design, the Dark Influences Card Game or just general White Wolf Gossip, I'll be at LunaCon this weekend doing panels, demos and other gaming activities.

Info on LunaCon can be found on their website: www.lunacon.org.

My schedule, including a Dark Influences Demo, White Wolf Gossip session and more is available at my website: www.jesshartley.com.

Hope to see some of you there!

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Wednesday, January 24th, 2007
11:32 am
Strange but, apparently, true
This may be of interest to Promethean people...

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Tuesday, January 16th, 2007
5:55 pm

No-one really seems to be posting anything, so I thought it might be fun to post songs and poems that could be good influences or inspiration for Promethean: The Created. If it's all right with the rest of you (all ten of you, it seems) I'll be doing this as the fancy strikes me. This song in particular reminds me of (who else?) the Wretched.
"Teenage Frankenstein"
by Alice Cooper
I'm the kid on the block
With my head made of rock
And I ain't got nobody
I'm the state of the art
Got a brain a la carte
I make the babies cry
I ain't one of the crowd
I ain't one of the guys
They just avoid me
They run and they hide
Are my colours too bright
Are my eyes set too wide
I spend my whole life
Burning, turning
I'm a teenage Frankenstein
The local freak with the twisted mind
I'm a teenage Frankenstein
These ain't my hands
And these legs ain't mine
Got a synthetic face
Got some scars and a brace
My hands are rough and bloody
I walk into the night
Women faint at the sight
I ain't no cutie-pie
I can't walk in the day
I must walk in the night
Stay in the shadows
Stay out of the light
Are my shoulders too wide
Is my head screwed on tight

I spend my whole life
Burning, turning
I'm a teenage Frankenstein
The local freak with the twisted mind
I'm a teenage Frankenstein
These ain't my hands
And these legs ain't mine


Tuesday, December 19th, 2006
4:30 am
Promethean Table Top Game
So I've never posted here before, and sometimes this LJ community seems a bit dead. I want to post my TT groups adventure here so I can receive some feedback from the community as to what im doing right and what im doing wrong.  Perhaps I could also get some more feedback on directions I could take the chronicle and storyline ideas that I can use in the future.

So im going to sum up our first two games here real quick. Theres probably going to be lots of typoes in these paragraphs so I hope I dont offend anyone with them.  

The Characters-

Aldous(Lineage-Osirian, Refinement-Aurum)-Aldous first awoke to life a few days before the story begins on Burning Hill in Tijauna. The only thing left for his was a dogeared copy of Aldous Huxleys "Brave New World". His creator had long fled by the time Aldous was awoken by the hot sun. He has spent his time since awakening on the top of Dompe, sitting in the congealed fat of the animal sacrifices that are still performed there to supplicate the gods, and watching the lights of San Diego at night with the wonder if a child.

Tori Nelson(Lineage-Galatea, Refinement-Stannum)-Tori its a bitter woman, a Galatea who was created then dumped to a group of mortal Banditos who ferry people across the border. Sometimes their charges make it across the border, more often than not the Bandits kill and rob their charges. Her first few months of life where full of pain and terror as the Banditos took what they wanted from her, forcefully. She eventually escaped them and found Aldouses creator. He taught her about the life of a Promethean then told Tori about Aldous who he had left up on the hill.

Starscream(Lineage-Tammuz, Refinement-Cuprum)-Starscream only knew a life as a protector. He was created by another Tammuz to be his creators bodyguard. They travelled for a couple of years together before Starscream and his creator ran into Pandorans on the outskirts of Dompe(the Trash dump of Tijuana). Starscreams creator was immediatly killed in the battle, and Starscream ran into the dump and hid amongst the trash. Its been a little over a week since the Pandorans attacked, and Starscream still lies at the bottom of the trash pile waiting for them to finish the job.

Alejandra(Lineage-Olgun, Refinement-Centamani)-Alejandra begins her tale as a Created in the Zona Del Silencio. She was created under the hot desert sun there, in tune with the spirits. Her creator, one of the Thousand Hands, had created her as a way to try and bait the Pandorans out of the Meteorites scattered about the zone. Her creator told her about the Pandorans and Prometheans, then sent her on her way to awaken the Pandorans during her pilgrimage. She headed torwards the United States though, a half realized dream of her former host still lingering in her head.

Game 1:

The PCs all seem to congregate in Dompe for one reason or another. Starscream is still hiding there, Aldous is up on top of Burning hill, Tori is trying to find Aldous, and Alejandra has tracked two Pandorans to the outskirts of Dompe, but notice something unusual. They arent going inside the dump for some reason.

Alejandra is moving through the aisle between the garbage, trying to find the reason the Pandorans wont enter the dump, when the Pandorans suddenly break the line on Dompe and rush into it. They scream as they rush into the dump and their skin seems to blister away with each movement. Starscream hears Alejandra's scream and rises above the trash, tackling one of the Pandorans to the ground before it can jump on Alejandra. Tori, who heard the scream, rushes to help. Aldous closes his book and watches the scene unfolding beneath him.

Tori breaks off her search for Aldous as Starscream and Alejandra fight back. The battle is short but feirce. Starscream grows claws and kills the Pandoran he tackled in a few seconds. Tori and Alejandra both take wounds from their Pandoran but Tori's Shock power allows her to hug the Pandoran and play a deadly game of who can hurt who more before one of us dies. Only with Alejandra's aid does Tori survive the encounter.

After the combat the three Prometheans talk for a short bit, giving introductions and eyeing each other up. Tori tells the others theres another here, a newly created. They all start off in search of Aldous for various reasons. Eventually they find Aldous on top of the hill and start talking to him. As they are talking they notice day is turning into night, and a few people are coming into Dompe, mostly young poor women trying to get food from the dump.

The four begin to leave Dompe but are stopped by the security guard at the "entrance". He said he heard the noises and wants a cut of whatever they got from whoever they mugged. The Prometheans try to explain they have no clue what hes talking about but he insists. A few of the girls are around so they try to avoid conflict with the man thinking that may help them avoid the Disquiet. The man finally lays down his terms if they wont pay up. He gets a few hours with Tori and they can leave and he wont call the cops. Tori grows angry, hugs him, then shocks him to death. The NPC girls start running and screaming. The Prometheans are shocked but they stick with Tori as the group takes off torwards Colonial Libertad, the barrio that seperates Tijauna from San Diego.

The PCs get into the Barrio and try to lay low. They find a squatters residence and settle down for the night. Starscream has some money so he goes to get them all some food. While he is out he runs into an old man named Tio Tio Coutl. The old man offers him some free food if he can squat with Starscream and his friends. Starscream brings the man back to the group and the group settles in for the night.

As the night progresses Tio tells them stories of Mexico's ancient culture. One story in particular snatches their attention, a story of the God/Mortal Hybrid. There was once a boy born to the union of one of the Aztec Emperors concubines and the God Xolotl. Jealous of the Gods power the boy went out and gathered the bodies of sacrifices, bringing them back to life as monsters. This boy intended on consuming the Gods using his army and make himself the only god of the Aztecs. But the boy was killed by some of his own creations, who left the Aztec people to start a quest to purify their souls. Those who killed him wrote down their wisdom in the temple of the boy before they left.

The Prometheans hear out the story and gather a bit more information from Tio before he departs about where the temple is located. Come morning its almost an unconscience agreement that they all leave in search of this temple. 

End of Game 1

Two New Characters who joined halfway through the second game


Game 2: 

Two New Characters-

Simon(Lineage-Frankenstain, Refinement- Ferrum)- Simon was created a few years before the start of the story by a Promethean on the end of its pilgrimage.  Simon was stitched together from the bodies of convicts slain in a Prison Riot in Southern Mexico.  Simons creator, a man named Tully, taught Simon about his new life then let the new Promethean go to begin work on his Pilgrimage.  Simon has been honing himself since he set off, an instinctive urge within the bodies of the dead convicts always making him paranoid that violence isnt too far away.

Lola(Lineage-Galatea, Refinement-Mercurious)-Lola was born around the same time as Simon, born as an experiment to become her creators wife.  The creator beleived that the Prometheans where missing love.  After a few years of living as her creators wife she grew to resent the attention she was getting.  While her creator focused on refining himself she focused on the divine fire within, hoping that by covering both internal and external factors, and sharing knowledge, they would have a lock on their mortality.  Lola's creator didnt survive though.  He was killed by a jealous would be suitor that began to stalk Lola.  Lola fell into the shadows more and more, learning stealth so that her beauty would cause no one else to feel pain or death.

Game 2

The group of Prometheans set out from Tijuana first thing in the morning. Starscream bought them all a small meal before setting out because none knew where their next meal would come from. They set out on foot, walking the roads of Tijuana until about 10 AM when they where picked up by a trucker heading south, in the general direction that the Prometheans had to go. The truckers name was Hal and he was heading for Mexico City himself. Hal is a good ole boy, an American, and was transporting packages for some small rinky dink parcel service. The Prometheans really didnt feel comfortable with Hal as he mostly drank liqour from his flask the whole trip.

After about a day and a half though Hal pulled into a rest stop. The Prometheans all mustered out, led by Starscream, and Hal asked them to wash up in the bathroom before they headed out. The Prometheans did so and when they came out all they saw was the back end of Hals truck as it barrelled out onto the highway. The group grumbled as their ride drove away but moved back to sit under a shady tree to plot their next move.

Aldous didnt understand why Hal would abandon them, Hal seemed like a nice guy to him. Tori then explained to Aldous about disquiet and how normal people would grow to hate them. While Aldous and Tori talked Starscream saw another car coming down the road. He tried to wave it down but had no luck at all with doing so. Alejandra then told the group she knew the roads around here. She had used this road when she had walked North to Tijuana. So they all shrugged and started off on foot again.

They walked well in to the night when they came across a broken down car with an younger mexican man screaming at it in Spanish. Aldous refused to go near the man because he didnt want Disquiet to settle in. In the end Starscream and Alejandra went up to the man against Aldouses pleading to see if they could help him and maybe get a ride. The man got spooked by the two coming up to him and pulled out a gun he had hidden under the seat. He told the Prometheans to stay back, and when they tried to talk to him to calm him down he shot at Starscream.

Starscream, having felt his first bullet and thinking the mans reaction was to Disquiet, lost it and descended into Torment. He ran up to the man, making his hands turn to claws, and rent the man asunder in about six seconds. Aldous started screaming at the display. Tori and Alejandra just stood there, watching, mouth ajar. When the killing fury was over Starscream sat down on the ground beside the road and wouldnt move. Alejandra found the keys to the car and opened the trunk hoping to find tools to help in burying the body. She didnt find tools but she did find about ten Kilo's of Cocaine in the trunk, processed and ready to be shipped out.

Once Starscream came out of Disquiet he used his bare hands and claws to dig a small grave behind a large group of stones not too far from the highway. Alejandra buried most of the Cocaine with the man but kept some of it, thinking if they needed some money later they might be able to sell it. Tori finally got Aldous to calm down, but tension began to mount as Aldous wouldnt come within fifteen feet of Starscream. Tori finally left Aldous by himself to read his book while she went over to the car to have a look at why it was broken down. She didnt know much about Auto's, and what little she knew came from watching the bandits. She did remember something about a dead car battery and managed to use her power over Electricity to get the car started again.

Everyone but Aldous got into the car. Aldous refused to get near Starscream, who was going to drive. Starscream and he talked for a bit, but the conversation got heated and soon was a full blown argument. Starscream eventually got into the car, slammed the door and said,"We are leaving him" Before hitting the gas and taking off down the road. Aldous sat there realizing that he was alone again.

Fifteen minutes later though Alejandra and Tori convinced Starscream to go back for Aldous. Aldous was still sitting there by the side of the road and hopped in the car immediatly when they came back. He apologized to Starscream and off the Prometheans were again heading torwards the temple. 

A day later, after getting lost, the Prometheans finally come to where they cant drive the car anymore. They abandon the car outside of Canun, make their way into the city. Alejandra manages to sell the cocaine she had burrowed away to some vacationing college students. They spend the night at a hostel in Cancun.

Its at this hostel they meet Raymond, a student from New York University who has come down to the Yucatan to help his teacher with an archeological discovery. Appearently the Professor has found a tomb in the remaining forest of the Yucatan. After some more questioning they find that this tomb is probably the one they are looking for. The Prometheans let Raymond get to sleep then spend the rest of the night sabotaging the expedition in the hopes that the humans wont go. Come daybreak the Prometheans leave the city and head towards the temple again.

It was during this time that the party ran into two new Prometheans who would join the Throng. Simon and Lola where two throngmates who had recently lost a good majority of their Throng to a Centamani, named Spine, who unleashed a group of Pandorans on them in Cancun. They had been dogged through the forests of the Yucatan by the Pandoran dogs of Spine since that day. They are heading torwards the original goal of their throng, a temple in the Yucatan.

When the two groups finally came across each other Simon tried to warn the other Prometheans about the Pandorans but was too late as a Pandoran dropped on Tori and began to consume her. Starscream let out a battleroar and charged head first into battle, seeing this as a way to make amends for the man he murdered a few days ago. Aldous tried to help Tori by pulling the Pandoran off of her but that didnt do much good as the Pandoran turned to Aldous and began to consume him instead. Alejandra, during the heat of battle, uses the Pandoran ability of Demons Call and summons a swarm of snakes to start moving into the area to bite at the flesh of the Pandorans. Simon and Lola team up, battling off the last Pandoran that seems intent on consuming them.

The battle isnt long but everyone takes some wounds and few dead snakes seem to litter the area. Alejandra makes a fire to burn the remnants of the Pandoran's bodies then starts cooking up the dead snakes for everyone to eat. Simon and Lola are a bit weirded out by this, and so is Alejandra's throng, but they eat anyways. The two groups share their tales, and Alejandra recognizes Spine as the Promethean who created her. She doesnt tell the group this though.

Its decided that since both groups are looking for the temple that they should work together. As they come to this conclusion though they hear the sound of trucks moving through the forest. Lola sneaks off to investigate the trucks and comes back, saying a group of human's, with most appear in their teens, is driving through the forest in a convoy. Appearently the archeological exploration is still on.

After the meal the groups heads out, following in the trail that the archeologists made, trying to think of a way to scare the archeologists away so the Prometheans can be undisturbed at the temple. No one can come up with a solid plan though that doesnt require them to sit out of sight for a few days and let the wasteland effect and disquiet drive the humans away. Eventually though they come up to the sight, but duck into some bushes to avoid being seen by the archeologists camp. The Prometheans wait until night fall, deciding to try and sneak into the temple at night before the Archeologists have their camp set up.

Night falls and the Prometheans sneak up to the entrance of the temple. They go inside and begin exploring it, taking inventory and filling up their backpacks with artifacts they beleive they may need. As they head further and further into the temple though they feel the rumbling of things awakening, and eventually they watch as a collassal Pandoran is awakened by their pressence. The Pandoran cant seem to leave the room he is in though as his bulk is too big for the temple walls, and there is a collar around his neck with a thick chain keeping him from trying to escape. Starscream wants to set a trap for it, as the Pandoran seems to be guarding ancient tablets that may have clues to the Pilgrimage of the Ancient Prometheans they heard about it Tio's story. The rest of the group shoots Starscreams plan down, fearing that the sound of battle will bring humans -and- more Pandorans into the temple. The large Pandoran meanwhile tries to free himself from the chains that still bind him to the floor.

Finally Aldous thinks he sees a chance to slip past the big Pandoran and takes it. He bolts across the room, mere inches away from snatching the tablets when the large Pandoran grabs him and flings him against the ceiling. Starscream rushes in, followed by Simon, and a large battle is on. The Prometheans and the Pandoran fight for a while, and eventually Tori is crushed beneath the heels of the Pandoran and dies. Starscream charges the leg, using his claws to dig through them, severing the giant leg from its body with Simons help. Lola breaks off from the battle to steal the tablets and goes to hide, but is assaulted by a small group of Pandorans in the temples hallway and begins to run towards the entrance.

Finally the big Pandoran falls and the group makes short work of it from there, tearing it apart bit by bit. Simon notices Lola is gone and takes off to find her, and the rest of the Prometheans follow with Starscream carrying Tori's body. Aldous is almost hysterical at this point but Starscream keeps him moving forward as Starscream hears the other Pandorans in the temple starting to awaken from the Prometheans presence and the battle.

Simon snatches Lola literally from the maw of a Pandoran and the group outruns them to the entrance of the temple. Its then Starscream notices that Aldous had fallen behind, and is no longer with the group. He swears, hands Tori off to Alejandra and Simon, then rushes back into the temple by himself. He runs through the temple, playing a game of cat and mouse with the Pandoran's all around him. Finally he gets to the center of the tomb/temple and finds Aldous hovering over the now open sarcaphagous of the Boy with no Soul. When Starscream comes into the room Aldous closes the sarcaphagous and holds in his hands a golden crown. Aldous failed to tell Starscream that Aldous had attempted his bestowment, the power of ressurection, on the Boy with no Soul. Starscream yells at Aldous but then takes his hand and eventually the two run outside again.

Outside, the battle and the ensuing hustle had caused the humans to begin to approach the tomb. When the first group came out the humans thought them to be Tomb robbers and attempted to subdue them. The Prometheans had warned the humans not to get close and a stand off began.  Alejandra had taken Tori off to where the humans couldnt see her and watched as Tori's Azoth flared and brought her back to life.  When Starscream came out the Professor in charge of the Expedition managed to calm all sides and the humans and Prometheans began to talk. The Prometheans glossed over the fact that they wherent human, saying they came here to explore and where beset by wild animals, and had taken refuge in the Temple. The Professor seemed to not beleive them but offered them a place to stay for the evening and transport back to Cancun the next day.

And so the Prometheans slept for the evening, hoping that the Pandoran's didnt leave the temple. 

End of Game 2

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Hey guys! I'm Billie and I'm new to the group and I realize that no one's poated here in quite some time, but I'm posting anyway! I'm personally a big fan of Vampire the Requiem, but Promethian has interested me, as well. And since I'm working on a website dedicated to the World of Darkness games, both new and old ( http://wwwod.proboards78.com ), I thought I'd join to learn what I can! Hope to hear from you guys soon!
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In which we share the Created goodness
For those who can't/don't/prefer not to do podcast listening, here's a transcription of the 5/29/06 spoiler from the White Wolf website. An interview with Bill Bridges conducted by Chris McDonough about Promethean.

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Matt McFarland Interview
Awesome interview with Matt McFarland (aka innocent_man), developer of Promethean ran by Tyler and Spike of Gamestas.net

Lots of juicy teasers and tasty bits of info not previously released!
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Cover image
First off, the community now has a userpic, in the same style as the rest of them.

Also, we have our first look at the cover:
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In which the beans are spilled...
For those of you who are interested in my game writing or in RPGS or in White Wolf's "4th Game" Promethean: The Created, check out this interview:

An Evening with Matt McFarland:
Interviewing the new Promethean: the Created Developer

Several writers and developers for White Wolf's games haunt Shadow N Essence's Forums (along with a bunch of other nice folks), so if you're interested in this aspect of the industry, consider making it a regular stop for information, rumor and inuendo!
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